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 AVAILABLE DURING ALL BUSINESS HOURS We take pride in our delicious organic coffee! Roasted here in NH by Good Vibes Coffee Roasters, our coffee is local,organic & certified fair trade. Frequent questions about coffee What is espresso? Espresso is coffee that is brewed with an espresso machine. It is ground very fine, packed very tightly into a small filter and is then brewed by forcing nearly boiling water through the compacted coffee grounds. One shot of espresso has about 2/3 the amount of caffeine compared to that in an 8 ounce cup of coffee. Why organic? Over 12 billion pounds of coffee is produced worldwide annually. As a result of heightened demand, chemicals have been used to aide in faster production. Chemicals that leave a bad taste in our mouth, not to mention chemicals that are bad for our environment. With organic coffee, or any product certified organic, no synthetic fertilizers or other chemicals are used. The result is a cleaner bean as well cleaner land and air. Another 'perk' is that through organic growth and production, the beans we serve are richer in antioxidents! Organic=better taste and better nutritional content!